How to take demo of a rulebreaker!

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How to take demo of a rulebreaker!

Post by Chaox on Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:13 am


If you found a rulebreaker and not sure how to get proof, simply follow the following steps:

1. Start Taking the demo
While spectating him open up a console by tilde key (~) and type the following /record nameofthefile and hit "enter"

2. Finish taking the demo
After your proof is good enough, type /stoprecord into the console and hit "enter" again.

3. Find demo file
The demo / proof will be located in the following folder: "/main/demos" e.g mataz.dem

4. Upload it
Now upload it to ANY file storing service e.g mediafire, zippyshare, DO NOT ATTACH THE DEMO IN TO TOPIC!!!

Alternative Way:
Record while spectating somebody with xfire!(press scroll lock and then v to start recording - same to stop recording)

Now you have your proof in the cloud service, now simply put the link where demo is allocated in your report or to any staff member via XFire.


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