Commands of addon!

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Commands of addon!

Post by Chaox on Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:03 am

Players lvl. 0

!a,!admintest it shows your level.

!help it shows what commands you can use.

!sn,!shownextmap It shows next map.

Members lvl. 1

!w,!warn It warns a player.

!scream It shows to chat something you typed.

!info It shows ip and level of player.

!list It shows all players' ips and names.

!slap It slaps a player.

Kickrighted lvl. 2

!k,!kick It kicks a player out of server.

Banrighted lvl. 3

!frestart,!fastrestart It restarts current map.

!restart, It loads map again.

!b,!ban It bans a player.


Admins lvl. 4

!unban It unbans a player.

!nextmap It moves to next map.

Leaders lvl. 5

!pmap,!previousmap It loads previous map.

!rban,!rangeban It bans the players with same first 4 numbers ip.

!gban,!guidban It bans a player's guid.

!unwarn It unwarns a player.

!untempban It unbans temporary banned players.

!gt,!gametype It changes the gametype.

!listmap It shows the rotation.

!map It changes the map.

!raddon It restarts addon.

!vote It calls vote.

*All higher levels can use the commands of lower ones!
*Special Guests and Trusted have kickrighted commands!


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