Legend Of Our Clan!

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Legend Of Our Clan!

Post by Chaox on Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:15 am

Hi all,

Here is our complete list with the responsibilities and the levels of our clan!

- lv. 6 (Leader) They are responsible for the whole community!
- lv. 5 (Senior Admin) They are responsible for helping Leaders with anything!
- lv. 4 (Head Admin) They are responsible for keeping the forum clean!
- lv. 3 (Guard - Banrighted) They are responsible for keeping the servers clean!
- lv. 2 (Kickrighted) They keep the teams (on servers) balanced and report rulebreakers!
- lv. 1 (Members) They help by reporting hackers and apply the rules!

- Sponsors are people who sponsor our clan.They give us forum and servers!
- Special Guests are old importnt members of DL!
- Trusted are players on server who help DLs apply justice!

* Trusted and Special Guests have kick rights on server!


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