Meeting From 28.10.2012

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Meeting From 28.10.2012

Post by Chaox on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:27 am

Hi all,

So, we decide to accept:

Laurence (as lvl2 since he is old member joining back!)

Welcome in mates, you can wear our tag now!

Lenny, for nor being active at all.....(sorry mate you left us no chance)

Warning to GUNNER for not being active!

LightingFire -lvl3
Joker[GR] -lvl3

Also,we have deleted League of Legends forum since we got no team and techzone forum.Moreover,admins will be more strict from now on, since we must keep our forum clean!
Apart from admins ALL members should try avoiding spamming!This is your "home" too!

Future plans:
1. Server 2 will turn to promod again!
2. Herv is trying to host us another server!
3. Banlist will be fixed (on forum)!

Thank you for reading,
DL admins staff


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