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Read This First!

Post by Chaox on Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:38 am


Trusted is a special level which is given to those who request it in order to protect the servers by themselves!You can help us by reporting hackers and keeping servers clean!

By becoming a Trusted member you gain access to a special Forum section and the commands below:

- !bnc It bans a name changer.
- !info It shows ip of a player.
- !list It shows all the players' names and ips.

So wo become one you must fill up the following form:

Real name :
Ingame name :
Age :
Country :
Xfire :
Timezone :
On which server do you spend the most of your time? :
Why do you want to become TC? :
Who have you already met from RS member list or played with? :

(Please allow us a few days to consider your application)
Good luck, Dark Lightning Team


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